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2. St Nicolas’ Deanery Church

- The city’s white patron -


One of Znojmo landmarks, clearly visible from afar. The original building dating back to approx. 1100 and consecrated to St Nicolas, all merchants’ patron saint, was related to the pre-urban settlement called Ujezdec in front of Znojmo Castle gates. In 1190 Conrad II Otto, Duke of Bohemia and Margrave of Moravia, gave this church to the newly founded Louka Abbey below Znojmo. In the 13th century it was incorporated into the City of Znojmo. In the decades following the Great Fire of Znojmo 1335 (when the old church burnt to ashes), a completely new church structure was erected – this is the present Gothic church, re-built several times in the 15th century. In December 1437 the dead body of Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund was displayed inside the church for all public to see. In the Baroque epoch the church was modified to some extent (altars, statues, paintings, side chapels). The present church tower was built as late as in the mid-19th century, quite extraordinarily behind the chancel. The original Gothic church tower, standing in the south front, had been dilapidated by that time and demolished.

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